Celebrating National Patient Safety Awareness Week

It’s National Patient Safety Awareness Week and we’re celebrating some of the most important people for patient safety – travel nurses!

You don’t need to spend a lot of time in hospitals to know important nurses are to healthcare. Did you know nurses administer like 98 percent of the 🌎 ‘s healthcare services?? Nurses are critical to patient safety. But what about patients in remote or rural areas? All nurses are valuable to patient safety, but in a world where not every patient is guaranteed a nurse, travel nurses are vital.

In fact, most medical facilities would probably fall apart without them. Understaffed units have problems that go way beyond being overworked, including worse outcomes and jeopardized patient safety. So having enough nurses on staff is a major factor in preventing daily disasters.☹️

However, nurses and their lifesaving services are often lacking in places that need them most. Nurses are in high demand, and with patient occupancy always fluctuating, hospitals can’t always afford to hire full-time nurses.

Enter travel nurses. Travel nurses are keeping hospitals afloat everywhere. Living life 13 weeks at a time, travel nurses go where they’re needed most. In other words, they could be anywhere, anytime. And that’s what makes travel nursing so fun!🙌

No matter where you are, travel nurses are probably helping someone nearby. This is National Patient Safety Awareness Week, so it’s only right we acknowledge the medical professionals keeping us all alive and well.

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