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Jeriel Bishop

Jeriel Bishop



What is your favorite thing about working with nurses?

There’s never a dull moment! The ups & downs, twists & turns… No two days are ever the same!

Why are you passionate about this industry?

It’s awesome to know that you’re a part of something that reaches beyond what you see! Knowing that someone, somewhere at any given time, is being treated by a nurse that’s there because of you!

Where is your ideal travel destination?

I would love to check out the beaches of Morocco or even go on an African safari! Actually anywhere exotic, where I would have the opportunity to experience a different culture and great food!

Family? Kids? Pets?

I come from a pretty small family, but I have an awesome wife and two little ones, Ari & Jax 🙂 No pets (for now)

What do you love doing in your spare time?

Going to the gym, basketball, pretty much anything outside is cool with me!

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