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Med-Surg nurses are the multitaskers and go-to professional when it comes to hospital care. And the demand for these gurus is high.

What’s Medical-Surgical nursing about?

Ever been in the hospital? If you have, or have visited one, you’ve met these talented RNs. Medical-Surgical nurses focus most of their practice on hospital units. They care for adult patients with a vast array of ailments. Being a med-surg travel nurse means LOTS of new patients in new places. That’s a pretty big skill set you’ll be carrying around.

Med-Surg Nurses Have:

  • Critical thinking skills, lots of them
  • Huge knowledge of medical problems and body systems
  • Multitasking expertise
  • Compassion and empathy

Current Medical-Surgical Job Listings

City, State
Med Surg Travel RN - JO02779048
New Haven, CT
Tacoma, WA
Med Surg Travel RN - JO02788177
Dyer, IN
Med Surg Travel RN - JO02791108
Independence, MO
Med Surg Travel RN - JO02793278
Kansas City, MO
Odessa, TX
Med Surg Travel RN - JO02796186
Dyer, IN
Dyer, IN
Med Surg Travel RN - JO02802483
Kansas City, MO
Med Surg Travel RN - JO02812769
Kansas City, MO
Med Surg Travel RN - JO02815670
Amarillo, TX
Oakland, CA
Med Surg Travel RN - JO02817777
Oakland, CA
Med Surg Travel RN - JO02817794
Oakland, CA
Med Surg Travel RN - JO02817857
Oakland, CA
Oakland, CA
Med Surg Travel RN - JO02817861
Oakland, CA
Med Surg Travel RN - JO02817862
Oakland, CA
Oakland, CA
Med Surg Travel RN - JO02818082
Carmichael, CA
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