Rick Scherer

Specialty Focus: ER/ER I/ER II/ER III/Tele/Telemetry

What is your favorite thing about working with nurses?

My favorite thing would have to be building the bond and relationship with each and every nurse that I recruit because yes it’s important to find what they are looking for, but I also want to get to know them to find out what their values and drives are. I’m not just a recruiter. I’m someone nurses can call their friend and someone they can talk to and count on.

Why are you passionate about this industry?

The reason I am passionate about this industry is that I know I am helping a community/society of people who are saving lives. I can feel good at the end of the day knowing I’m helping others.

Where is your ideal travel destination?

Travel destination would have to be Montego Bay, Jamaica with the bungalow houses that sit out on the water.

Family? Kids? Pets?

I come from a military family. I have 3 older brothers, 2 in the air force and 1 in the FBI. You can say my family and I you can say are very patriotic! I also have a French Bulldog (Bex is her name), and I absolutely adore her and consider her my child LOL! She is the most spoiled thing most people have seen because she gets so much attention from me.

What do you love doing in your spare time?

In my spare time, I love taking road trips and traveling to new areas to explore. I love being outdoors, and my family owns a Lawn and Snow Service company, so I  help out quite a bit with that when I am not at work. The best part is seeing the after results and wowing people with their lawns or landscape! I love to help people and meet their needs. I guess that’s why I’m such a people person, and why my friends laugh at how many people I know.

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