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Do I Get Medical Insurance and Benefits as a Travel Nurse?

A common concern for nurses considering a jump from a full-time staff position to traveler life is that of medical insurance coverage. In this video, the Travel Nurse Boot Camp explains how insurance and travel nurse benefits work with most travel nurse staffing agencies.

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Do I Get Medical Insurance and Benefits as a Travel Nurse?

Most travel nursing agencies will offer you medical insurance benefits.

However, the quality and coverage of these benefits vary greatly from company to company. Be sure to compare the benefits offered by various travel agencies and understand what type of coverage you want and need.

Ask how these benefits will affect your compensation package, as well as what the rules are regarding coverage between contracts. If you elect to take time off during or between assignments, you may not be covered during that period.

Other benefits that travel nursing companies should offer include license reimbursement, 401(k) programs, weekly pay, and bonus programs, among other perks.

The best agencies will offer good medical insurance and benefits plans.

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