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As 2018 comes to a close, Next Travel Nursing would like to wish nurses everywhere the happiest of holidays. To bring you good tidings, we present this merry RN poem.

‘Twas the night shift again, and all through the hospital

Every patient was stirring, though some just a little

The nurses were working hard as always

Both travelers and staff carrying charts ‘n X-Rays

From bedside to bedside, they ran to-and-fro

One patient was hungry, one wanted to go!

Little praise they receive, though their sacrifice great

To be working the holidays, not to mention, so late

So this holiday we ask, that you take just a moment

And thank a nurse—please, no postponement!

For they give and they give to their patients all year

Its about time we send them some holiday cheer!

From recruiters and more at Next Travel Nursing,

Happiest of holidays to nurses, both at home and working!