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Home Health
Travel Nurse Jobs

About Home Health RN Assignments

Attention #awesome nurses! It’s time to take your career to the next level. The demand for home health travel nurses and travel case managers is steadily rising. Whether you’re an experienced home health RN or a med-surg nurse considering the home health field for the first time, now is the time to learn more about the available opportunities and benefits that await. The team at Next Travel Nursing is here to provide you with answers you need to better prepare yourself for a transition into travel. A Next recruiter serves as a friendly resource you can count on as you explore home health travel assignments! Browse this page for helpful information on available jobs, home health travel trends, and more.

Home Health Travel Nurse Jobs

Assisting patients with basic needs, providing encouragement and support, documenting symptoms and vital signs, and organizing patient care with other healthcare professionals—home health nurses and case managers are truly masters of all. That’s why finding the travel opportunity that’s perfect for you is so important. Watch the video to learn more!

If you’re new to travel nursing, talk with a Next recruiter about the benefits you can enjoy, such as increased job flexibility, higher pay, and the chance to see different areas of the U.S. while being compensated for your unique skillset.

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