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ER Travel Nurse Jobs

  • Emergency rooms (or ER) nurses are required to be cool, calm, and with a strong backbone in their units. They must have good prioritization skills, as many people can be clamoring for your attention at once.
  • A place for more experienced nurses, not graduates, because it may possibly be one of the most stressful nursing positions. You’re dealing with patients in emergency rooms. For the right nurse, however, it’s a challenging and exciting position.
  • Primary objective is to ‘treat and street’ i.e. ‘treat’ the patients as efficiently as possible and discharging them back to the ‘street’.
  • Most likely requires continuous education and clinical experience with ER (medicine or otherwise).

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Kayla Kindred Maura Hackney Timothy Hill Eli Ortiz Rachel Hodgson Angie Riley Regina Mann Marlyn Miller Debbi Laatz

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