🏆 March Travel Nurse of the Month 🏆

We make it a priority to make our nurses feel special. That’s why every month, we recognize one nurse for going above and beyond the call of duty. For March… Marty is our Travel Nurse of the Month! 🏅🎉

Marty was a new nurse when she came to Next, but she has since developed into an experienced Med Surg veteran. When Marty came to Next, she only had six months of nursing experience. Marty began her Next journey with only six months of nursing experience. Rose Ann McGhee, Marty’s recruiter, matched her at an Indian Health Services (IHS) facility in South Dakota.

Marty’s first assignment proved to be incredibly difficult. While nurses from other agencies ended their contracts early, Marty persevered without complaint because she knew that it was her responsibility to provide care to a community in need. She puts patient care above all else. 🏋🏼

Marty continues to prove her commitment to her patients. She works as many as 60 hours a week to make sure that her patients receive the care they deserve. 💪🏼

Rose Ann raves about Marty. She affectionately refers to Marty as her, “sister from another mister.” According to Rose Ann, “there are not enough words to describe how lucky I am to work with such a loyal, dedicated individual.” 😍

This is what Marty had to say about her experience: “There are three reasons I love being a travel nurse…..my family is expanded with each contract, my knowledge and experience are increased, and my camera becomes full of memories. Thank you, Roseanne, for helping me live my dream to care for people all across the U.S.”

We are all inspired by Marty’s work ethic. She sees a challenge as an opportunity and refuses to be intimidated by a tough situation. Whether it’s breaking into travel nursing as a new nurse or completing a difficult assignment, Marty continues to work hard for the well-being of her patients. In her mind, a healthy patient is the most important success metric. 

Marty, from all of us at Next Travel Nursing, thank you for your continued dedication, and thank you for being our March Travel Nurse of the Month! ➡️❤️😷

If you’re a dedicated nurse, like Marty, and you are looking to explore travel nursing options, click below! ✈️🏥

The 5 Best Free Apps for the Travel Nurse

If you’re a travel nurse, you’re going to want some tools to help away from home. We found a few really good ones – five to be exact – and they all conveniently work on Android and iOS phones. These are the five best free apps for the travel nurse.

1. The ultimate maps app

Travel nurses are usually making their way by car, so this first app seems like a great place to start.

Waze –  Their promise to “get the best route, every day, with real-time help from other drivers.” Other drivers in the area sharing real-time traffic and road info, saving everyone time and gas money. Waze claims it’s the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app. Not only can you save gas money, but you can get to where you need to go as soon as possible. 

2. Finding a place to stay

Next travel nursing offers its nurses a travel and housing team to find great accommodations that are in line with your budget. But if you decide you’d rather handle things on your own, consider Airbnb.

Why? Because Airbnb gives you options. There is no better way to get the most out of your pay package. Airbnb let’s you choose either a house or a room creating an enormous opportunity to save on rent and pocket more income. 

Not to mention Airbnb has a reliable review system in the sense that only features reviews from people who have actually paid to stay can leave reviews. The last thing you want is to be staying at a place where the reviews are skewed and your experience is tainted by bad accommodations. You deserve a good place to rest after those long shifts.

3. Finding things to do

MeetUp has you covered. Not only is it free to join groups based on your interests, but it’s low commitment. Whether you’re into sports or getting super deep in debate, MeetUp likely has a group of people you’d like to meet. 

4. Organization on the go

When you’re on the go, you want to make sure that everything you have can be easily accessed and organized. You may already be using Evernote, one of the most popular note taking apps. In that case, keep scrolling.

Assuming you already use Google Drive or Dropbox to store all your documents via a free cloud service, a more basic and fluid note-taking app is Google Keep. You can write lists, hand-drawn memos, and voice memos all in the first page of your user interface. Pin the top notes (like reminders for what you need to get for groceries on your off day) and swipe them away when you’re done. 

5. References made easy

And finally, the app that you’re going to check when you need a quick reference to something at work: Medscape. Medscape is one of the most popular free reference apps for professionals in the healthcare field for good reasons. You can read up on drug dosage information in seconds, and there’s log of patient cases you can search through for patient care information.

It also has an active medical news section so you can keep up to date in your field.

With these five apps, you’ll find it a lot easier settling into your new location. And if you want to see more Next opportunities, click the button below.

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🏆February Travel Nurse of the Month🏆

We are lucky to work with so many talented caregivers who all deserve recognition. Picking just one travel nurse of the month can be a struggle, but we welcome it because we love showing off our nurses! ❤️😷

Our February Travel Nurse of the Month is… Kristy! Kristy is new to Next, but she’s quickly proven to be an outstanding traveler. She is currently on an extension from her first Next assignment providing much-needed support in the ICU. 🏥

Kristy is an incredibly skilled ICU nurse. On her last facility review, Kristy received the highest rating for all her performance measurements. She received a five (Outstanding) for dependability, flexibility, efficiency, initiative, communication, professional appearance, patient care, professional ethics, clinical and technical skills, assessment and analysis, problem-solving skills, documentation, and overall employee rating. This is a great achievement, and we couldn’t be more proud to work with her. 🎖

Kristy has so much compassion for her patients and understands how difficult (and painful) it is to be admitted into the ICU. “Nursing is my calling,” said Kristy. “And I’m a firm believer that God leads us to the people who need us, so I’m anxious to see who needs me, next.”

Cindi Greene, Kristy’s recruiter, gave her a glowing recommendation in her Travel Nurse of the Month nomination:

Kristy is an extremely caring nurse. Every patient she cares for becomes her family.  Kristy’s positive personality and genuine need to help is evident in all aspects of her work. She always aims to provide help not only to her patients but also to her peers. I couldn’t have asked for a better nurse to aid the facility. 😇

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Understanding Travel Nurse Per Diems

Nurses often wonder how agencies build travel nurse per diems. Did you know there’s an exact method (and federal regulations) behind these rates?


Many travel nurses on assignment qualify for a per diem (literally Latin for “per day”) that can be used for meals, incidentals, and housing (if you have not elected a free housing option). Every year the General Services Administration (GSA) establishes per diem rates for contract employees (like travel nurses!) within the Continental United States (CONUS). Your recruitment team will help you determine if you qualify for per diems.

Rate Types   

CONUS per diems are applicable for both standard and non-standard CONUS locations. Non-standard areas are frequently traveled by the federal community, like Washington D.C. Standard CONUS locations are less frequently traveled by the federal community, like Charleston, SC. Some standard CONUS locations are not specifically listed on our website, but they would carry the same rates as all other standard GSA locations. At this time, the established CONUS per diem rate is $91 for lodging and $51 for meals and incidental expenses.

Beware of Per Diem Pitfalls 

Next Medical Staffing operates with the utmost care in order to comply with all federal regulations regarding pay and per diems. We believe in the importance of protecting our nurses. In the past, agencies provided extremely high per diems paired with rather low hourly rates, which resulted in legal issues, tax audits, and fines.

For example, RNs should not be paid $12 per hour and be paid more than the CONUS rates for the area in which their assignment is located. This strategy is sometimes used to win travelers over to an assignment but can have dire results in the end. But it’s super illegal! Beware if you come across such a deal!

However, we rest assured that Next is in strict compliance with all regulations and will never put your financial future in danger.

We continue to put your needs first. Want to learn how? Click below!

Tips for Travel Nursing Over the Holidays

Taking a holiday travel nursing assignment might be outside of your usual seasonal traditions. However, if you are comfortable making a few adjustment, you can still have a pretty enjoyable time. Here are a few tips for nurses traveling over the holidays:

Holiday Pay
Choosing to work on a holiday often comes with a cash bonus. Earning extra money over the holidays can help out with those extra expenses that are typically incurred during the season to give.

Celebrate on a Different Day
While everyone else is feeling the December 26th blues, you might still be anticipating your postponed holiday celebration. Remember, it is not the actual date that is important, but rather the feeling of celebrating with the ones you love.

Travel with a Friend
Do you have a friend who’s a travel nurse? What about a spouse or significant other? Traveling with someone you know can ease the feeling being away from home on the holidays.

Celebrate with Coworkers
Many facilities, as well as other nurses, are welcoming to travelers (especially around the holidays). If you are invited to take part in holiday festivities, be sure to participate and have fun! This is an excellent way to strengthen existing relationships or to even establish new ones.

Schedule Some Time to Call Home
If you have a chance, call/FaceTime your loved ones. Even if you can’t be with your family and friends, it is still comforting to check in and hear their voices.

Giving Back to Those in Need
No one chooses to become ill or injured over the holidays. Working during this time provides you with the opportunity to not only provide quality care but to spread a little joy to those who truly need it.

At Next, we greatly appreciate our working nurses, especially those who choose to take assignments over the holidays. If you decide to travel with us, we will do our best to make it a great experience because we will be with you every step of the way. In the meantime, please accept our best wishes for a joyous holiday season!

Interested in traveling? Check out some of our options, here!

Travel Nursing Packing Tips

Packing for a travel nursing assignment is slightly different than packing for a typical trip. Because the average assignment length is about three months, you are somewhere in between a traveler and a permanent resident. In a perfect world, you would be able to travel with all of your comforts from home, but unfortunately, that might not always be feasible. Every nurse has unique needs, but the following tips can be useful when you begin preparing for your assignment.

Establish How Long You Plan to be on Assignment
Most travel nursing assignments span from four (4), six (6), eight (8), thirteen (13), and twenty-six (26) weeks. It is also possible that you will extend your current assignment or go immediately to your next one upon completion. Knowing how long you plan on being away from home is great first step because this will help you determine your packing strategy.

Pack for Where You’re going
Different locations have different climates, weather conditions, and recreational activities. We suggest that you do a little research on the area to ensure that you are packing the appropriate clothing and materials for your surroundings. This will help you make the best of your stay.

Determine the Items You Use Most Frequently
Everyone has different preferences when it comes to the items they value. For example, some nurses may be avid readers or exercise enthusiasts. Listing the items that you use on a daily basis will help make sure you have everything you need while on assignment.

Consider Compression Bags to Conserve Space
If you’re like me, you might pack a few more outfits than you need. Compression bags allow you to pack more in the same amount of space!

Think About Packing an Electronic Accessories
We’ve all been in situations where we can’t find our phone charger, headphones, Apple TV remote, etc. These types of organizers keep all of those little pieces in one place, so they don’t get lost.

Clear Storage Totes Are Great for Traveling
Since many travel nurses drive to their assignments, it makes sense to pack clear totes instead of traditional boxes. First of all, they are much sturdier. Secondly, you can see what’s in them, so you don’t have to scramble looking for your possessions.

We understand that traveling can be an adjustment but having your things with you can help ease the transition. Keeping this in mind, BluePipes has some great suggestions for how you can make the most of your packing experience.

December Travel Nurse of the Month

At Next Medical Staffing we understand the weight of our nurses’ responsibilities. Every day they are impacting the lives of others, and we have the greatest respect for their work. We love recognizing nurses for their efforts because we believe that their dedication needs to be celebrated.

Lorena is our December Travel Nurse of the Month! Lorena has traveled with Next for over a year, and according to her recruiter, Kristen Roberts, Lorena is a true traveler. Kristen also stated that “Lorena goes out of her way to make any situation agreeable.”

When Lorena came to Next, she was not an experienced traveler. She was working in a Longterm Care facility, but she wanted to expand her knowledge and help a wider range of patients. With that said, Lorena was brave, branched out from her specialty, and accepted a position with a Veterans Affairs (VA) facility. Since accepting her first position with the VA, she has trained in ER, MS, and Psych. At one point, the facility even created a telephonic veteran nurse position for her. Currently, Lorena is working as a charge nurse in an MS Psych Unit. Her ability to adapt to new situations significantly contributes to her strength as a traveler.

Lorena looks at new challenges as opportunities. She is ambitious, and she is always willing to learn. Because of her positive attitude, Lorena is consistently improving her skills and in turn providing excellent patient care. Facilities recognize her potential and continue to invest in her training. This fact proves how valuable Lorena is as a nurse.

Lorena, it is a joy working with you. Your bravery and “can-do” attitude make you an incredible nurse. We are confident that you will continue to advance in your career, and we cannot wait to see what you accomplish next!

Importance of Being a NATHO Member

Next Medical Staffing is incredibly proud to be a member of the National Association of Travel Healthcare Organizations (NATHO). NATHO was established in 2008 to promote ethical business practices within the travel healthcare industry, and it strives to provide healthcare organizations with high standards of service. Furthermore, NATHO aims to develop a positive image of the travel healthcare industry. To do so, the Association seeks to:

  • Educate the healthcare industry on the advantages of travel healthcare staffing.
  • Implement a set of standards of service among travel healthcare companies.
  • Evenly distribute resources among members.
  • Establish a formal dispute resolution process through an arbitration committee.
  • Enhance market growth among all NATHO members.

Why work with a NATHO member, like Next Medical Staffing?

  • NATHO members are required to comply with a written Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics covers relationships between clients, healthcare providers, and other travel healthcare firms.
  • The NATHO Ethics Committee ensures that all members remain in the appropriate scope of behavior.
  • NATHO members understand and operate with the highest standards in the industry.
  • If financial disputes arise among members, the NATHO Arbitration Committee will help facilitate a solution.

According to Don DeCamp, CEO of CHG and NATHO co-founder:

“The collective goal of our membership is to create a clear understanding of Travel Healthcare throughout the healthcare industry and to develop a program that ensures a quality service experience for all those involved including Travel Healthcare professionals, healthcare organizations, and patients.”

Next Medical Staffing believes in the principles set forth by NATHO because our mission is to build the best possible experience for our travelers. We may not treat patients, but we want to make sure that we are supporting those individuals who have that responsibility. By working with Next, you can be assured that we will put your needs first, and will always act on behalf of your best interest.

Traits of an Excellent In-Take Nurse

The job of an in-take nurse is critical in hospital and clinic settings. This is a patient’s first point of contact with a medical professional, and you need to be ready to take on any type of emergency in an instant. The special skills involved make it a high demand nursing position that could help propel… (more…)

Average Hourly, Annual RN Wage by State

Travel nurses experience unrivaled choice in when and where they work. Pay doesn’t dictate everything, but it’s obviously a massive factor.
Below is the Hourly Wage and annual wage of registered nurses in every state. Travel nurses can can’t on earning even more, but the benchmarks offer excellent insight into where you stand to make the most travel nursing.  So what are the average hourly and annual RN wage? Look below for more information!
The data was pulled from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and is listed in alphabetical order:

Hourly Wage: $27.35
Annual Wage: $56,890

Hourly Wage: $42.55
Annual Wage: $88,510
Hourly Wage: $34.51
Annual Wage: $71,790
Hourly Wage: $27.34
Annual Wage: $56,870
Hourly Wage: $48.68
Annual Wage: $101,260
Hourly Wage: $33.65
Annual Wage: $69,990
Hourly Wage: $37.18
Annual Wage: $77,330
Hourly Wage: $34.33
Annual Wage: $71,410
Hourly Wage: $30.75
Annual Wage: $63,960
Hourly Wage: $30.38
Annual Wage: $63,190
Hourly Wage: $43.33
Annual Wage: $90,130
Hourly Wage: $29.46
Annual Wage: $61,280
Hourly Wage: $33.54
Annual Wage: $69,760
Hourly Wage: $28.32
Annual Wage: $58,910
Hourly Wage: $26.46
Annual Wage: $55,040
Hourly Wage: $27.60
Annual Wage: $57,410
Hourly Wage: $28.26
Annual Wage: $58,770
Hourly Wage: $30.03
Annual Wage: $62,450
Hourly Wage: $30.92
Annual Wage: $64,310
Hourly Wage: $35.19
Annual Wage: $73,200
Hourly Wage: $42.62
Annual Wage: $88,650
Hourly Wage: $32.54
Annual Wage: $67,690
Hourly Wage: $34.77
Annual Wage: $72,310
Hourly Wage: $27.39
Annual Wage: $56,980
Hourly Wage: $28.44
Annual Wage: $59,150
Hourly Wage: $30.12
Annual Wage: $62,650
Hourly Wage: $28.35
Annual Wage: $58,970
Hourly Wage: $39.16
Annual Wage: $81,460
New Hampshire
Hourly Wage: $32.30
Annual Wage: $67,190
New Jersey
Hourly Wage: $38.38
Annual Wage: $79,840
New Mexico
Hourly Wage: $31.74
Annual Wage: $66,030
New York
Hourly Wage: $37.96
Annual Wage: $78,950
North Carolina
Hourly Wage: $29.07
Annual Wage: $60,460
North Dakota
Hourly Wage: $28.31
Annual Wage: $58,890
Hourly Wage: $30.19
Annual Wage: $62,800
Hourly Wage: $28.39
Annual Wage: $59,040
Hourly Wage: $40.29
Annual Wage: $83,800
Hourly Wage: $32.47
Annual Wage: $67,550
Rhode Island
Hourly Wage: $36.74
Annual Wage: $76,410
South Carolina
Hourly Wage: $29.38
Annual Wage: $61,110
South Dakota
Hourly Wage: $26.49
Annual Wage: $55,100
Hourly Wage: $27.67
Annual Wage: $57,560
Hourly Wage: $33.60
Annual Wage: $69,890
Hourly Wage: $29.33
Annual Wage: $61,000
Hourly Wage: $31.65
Annual Wage: $65,840
Hourly Wage: $31.41
Annual Wage: $65,340
West Virginia
Hourly Wage: $27.89
Annual Wage: $58,010
Hourly Wage: $37.56
Annual Wage: $78,130
Hourly Wage: $31.94
Annual Wage: $66,440
Hourly Wage: $29.84
Annual Wage: $62,080