What to Expect as a Telemetry Travel Nurse

As you prepare to launch your travel career and head out on your first telemetry travel nurse job, it’s completely normal to feel nervous. To help you prepare for your assignment and know what to expect, try to keep the following three tips in mind:

1. Familiarize yourself with the hospital- and unit-specific protocols.

Once you arrive at the facility, ask questions and take notes 🗒. Try to quickly learn where the crash cards and ambu bags are. Do your best to become comfortable with the way things work in your new environment.

2. Be a team player.

You’re there to do your job, and part of doing your job is making things easier not just for yourself, but for others, as well. Teamwork truly makes the dream work 🙌. If you have spare time and see a fellow nurse that’s behind on passing meds, admissions, or discharge paperwork, offer a helping hand when you can.

3. Be adaptable.

As a telemetry travel nurse, you may be called upon to float to another unit. You also may have a more challenging patient load from time to time. Not being able to control certain aspects of your assignment comes with the territory of telemetry travel nursing. You’ll save yourself a great deal of frustration on the back end if you come into a new role with an open mind. Definitely be assertive if there are parts of your staffing agreement that aren’t being honored, but also understand that there is a give-and-take required in this field.

Advantages to Being a Telemetry Travel Nurse

Telemetry is incredibly fast-paced and is also highly in demand, largely due to the aging of our country’s large baby boomer population. As a telemetry travel nurse, you get to work with high-risk patients that require intensive care. The job is challenging, intellectually-stimulating, and very rewarding.

Final Tips and Advice for Telemetry Travel Nurses

Be sure to familiarize yourself with your contract and responsibilities. Don’t be afraid to ask clarifying questions throughout your shift. Remember to remain flexible and open to learning new things. Lastly, enjoy yourself! 😊 Enjoy the responsibilities that come with your unique role as a telemetry travel nurse, and let your enthusiasm shine through, even when you’re given a difficult assignment. Your attitude is contagious—if it’s a positive one, the staff and managers will want you to stick around.

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A Telemetry travel nurse’s attention to detail is paramount to the success of their unit and the health of the patients in their care. Working with patients who are often at high risk for complications, telemetry nurses like yourself require advanced medical knowledge, technical expertise, and strong interpersonal skills. 🗨 The Next Travel Nursing team of Telemetry-focused recruiters is #pumped to work incredible Telemetry travel nurses like you. We understand what you want in a travel job, and will land an assignment that checks as many of your boxes as possible. ✅

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