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As a medical-surgical nurse, there’s hardly ever a dull moment on the hospital floor. From managing multiple patients and schedules to educating family members while demonstrating compassion and a calm demeanor, med-surg nurses are masters of it all. Sometimes wearing so many hats can feel overwhelming, which is why the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses is devoting an entire week (Nov. 1-7) to celebrating you and all of your hard work! 🎉

Work, Work, Work, Work, Work

Yes, we do hope that you read that title like the Rihanna song because, with all of the hard work you do as a med-surg nurse, you deserve your own tune to dance to! Many people don’t realize it, but the duties of a med-surg nurse are tough stuff. You’re not just a nurse—you’re trained to know about an incredibly wide range of medical conditions, and you often have to think on your feet if something unexpected occurs with a patient, as you’re an integral part of his or her first line of care.

Organization comes in super handy in this profession, because medical-surgical nurses often handle a patient’s care from start to finish and have to coordinate with other healthcare professionals in between.

Ready for Anything

The daily life of a medical-surgical nurse is enough to make the average Joe’s head spin, as you are putting your critical thinking skills to the test while staying fully engaged on a physical, clinical, and emotional level. And really, that’s the best part of what a med-surg nurse is all about—the compassion you feel toward your patients is the fuel that allows you to thrive and truly enjoy the work you do day in and day out. 📅

One Week Isn’t Enough

In reality, medical-surgical nurses should be celebrated all year long, but at least we can place some extra emphasis on you during the first seven days of November. Med-surg nurses around the globe 🌎 will be recognized for all that you do, and their employers should make it known to the community at large that you are heroes!

If nothing else, you’ll probably get some free food and extra hugs while you’re at work this week, but every little bit of recognition during this time is well-earned. From the entire Next Travel Nursing team, thank you to all of the medical-surgical nurses who work tirelessly to ensure our community members are well cared for!

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Med-Surg Travel Nursing Jobs Available Now

As a med-surg nurse, multi-tasking is likely second nature. On any given day, you’re juggling several tasks—administering medications, educating families, discharging patients, admitting new ones, and keeping members of your team on the same page—all while ensuring that the physical and emotional needs of your patients are being met.

At Next Travel Nursing, our team of recruiters has great respect for the impressive levels of coordination med-surg nurses exhibit on a daily basis. What’s more, we realize that, when it comes to your career, your biggest concerns should fall within your assigned healthcare facility—not outside it. Whether you’re an experienced med-surg travel nurse, or are interested in becoming a traveler for the first time, caring for your patients and helping your unit should be your first priority. That’s why recruiters at Next take care of the details that can often cause stress for travel nurses—identifying new jobs, coordinating travel and housing, and providing quality medical, dental, and vision benefits.

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July Travel Nurse of the Month 🏆: Amber!

Recruiters at Next Travel Nursing strive to build lasting relationships with the nurses we serve with on a regular basis. By doing so, we are extremely fortunate to get to know what makes each travel nurse unique. Each month, our team recognizes one of these amazing nurses so the rest of the world can join us in appreciating the important work they do.

With July kicking off in style 🇺🇸, it’s time to reveal our latest Next Travel Nurse of the Month: Amber!

Amber is a medical surgical travel nurse currently on assignment in New Mexico, and has been extended there. She recently told her Next recruiter, David Nation, that she fits in well at her assigned facility and has been generally embraced by her co-workers. In fact, at her last assignment (in Nevada), Amber was nominated as the “Infection Control Champion.” 🏅

Here’s what else David had to say:

“Amber is always willing to help out whenever she can. They have asked her to pick up days on her travel assignment, and she doesn’t hesitate. She is such a kind, giving soul who truly cares about her patients.”

Med surg travel nurses are, in many situations, the air-traffic controllers of their units. As such, being a skilled multi-tasker is extremely important, as well as having a cool head amidst sometimes chaotic circumstances. Med surg nurses are well-educated in the functions and roles of all systems of the body, and are familiar with a wide range of illnesses. There are many challenges that med surg nurses face every day, and the demands are often high, making Amber’s success all the more impressive. 👊

Please join the Next Travel Nursing team in thanking Amber for all she does as a med surg travel nurse, and congratulate her for being named our July Travel Nurse of the Month! From David and the rest of the Next crew, we are extremely fortunate to have you on our team!

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