Celebrate Emergency Nurses Week with Next!

Calling all emergency nurses! Your friends and family know how hard you work—they realize you put in long hours in a fast-paced environment and have to utilize problem-solving skills at the drop of a hat. Those close to you aren’t the only ones who recognize the value you bring to the healthcare field, and this week, the Emergency Nurses Association is celebrating your contributions! Oct. 8–14 is Emergency Nurses Week, and Oct. 11 is a day that’s all about you! 🎉

Understanding the value emergency nurses provide

It might seem like you wear hundreds of hats in any one given day because, as an emergency nurse, you are called upon to help saves lives on a regular basis. Working in an emergency room means that you’re assisting with victims of car accidents, individuals who have had a heart attack, and virtually any other situation you can think of. Those of you out in the world, like at sports arenas or an urgent care center, see your fair share of accidents, too.

Anyone experiencing trauma relies on you to stabilize their vitals and make sure their pain is under control. Often times you feel like a detective who needs to uncover all of the clues in order to save a patient’s life because their medical history or current condition just doesn’t quite make sense 🕵🏽. This ability to think on your feet, use innovative care strategies, and be a leader among your peers is what emergency nursing is all about.

NursesYou’re No. 1 in Our Book

The importance of emergency nurses cannot be understated, as we would all be in big trouble the next time we get injured if it wasn’t for you. You’re risk takers, resourceful, and above all, you love what you do! There’s nothing like seeing a smiling face and hearing a reassuring voice when you’re wondering if you’re going to be okay, and the comfort you provide to patients is a gift that’s priceless.

This Emergency Nurses Week, remember that you’re an amazing part of what makes emergency healthcare something that people can rely on. Thank you for doing what you do every day!

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Emergency Room Travel Nursing Jobs Available

ER Travel Nurse Assignments

When a patient is first admitted to the emergency room, the experience—no matter how dire the injury or illness—can be nerve-wracking. In many cases, it’s the experienced care of an ER nurse that helps to calm, and sometimes stabilize, patients and help their visit go more smoothly. From assessing the level of care needed to acting as a liaison between the patient, physicians, and support staff, ER nurses serve a vital role.

ER Specialty Recruiters

Having a ER dedicated recruiter means they understand the immense pressure you often face as an ER nurse. Your effort is best concentrated where it matters most—inside the emergency room, caring for patients. Next Travel Nursing has got your back both in and out of the hospital. Our ER-focused recruiters work to build solid relationships with the nurses they serve on a regular basis.  That small detail allows us to find the right travel nursing job to fit your specific needs.

Emergency Room Travel Nursing Assignments

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