DAISY Award Winner: Stephanie Wagner, RN

At Next Travel Nursing, our team of experienced recruiters is thrilled to work with nurses who greatly impact the lives of their patients in a positive manner. We have a special place in our hearts for RNs who go the extra mile, and believe such incredible work and dedication shouldn’t go unrecognized.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that one of our nurses has received The DAISY Award® For Extraordinary Nurses. Congratulations to Stephanie Wagner, RN, who has made her mark as a CVICU traveler in the lives of so many patients and co-workers!

Praise for Stephanie

Here’s what Next Nurse Recruiter Team Leader Josey Crues had to say to about Stephanie, who is currently on an extension assignment in Kentucky:

“[Stephanie] is truly a great nurse. She received the “Great Catch Award” at her assigned medical center, which recognizes team members who stepped in and caught an error. The error Stephanie identified was that one of the Heimlich valves was upside down, preventing a patient’s chest tube to drain air and fluid from the lungs. This could have been deadly for the patient, but Stephanie saved the day!”

Please Join Us in Celebrating Stephanie

Please join the entire Next Travel Nursing staff in thanking Stephanie for her life-saving work as a travel nurse! She truly exhibits the kind of compassion that The DAISY Award was intended to reflect.

Members of the Next team, including Josey, Account Manager Brian Plunkett, and Quality Improvement Nurse Annette Sander, visited Stephanie during her shift to congratulate her and present her with The DAISY Award.

Want to learn more about available travel jobs with Next? Our recruiters are thrilled to work with nurses like Stephanie who go above and beyond for their patients. Click the button below to check out our job board today and begin building a relationship with one our specialty-focused nurse recruiters.

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About The DAISY Award® For Extraordinary Nurses

The DAISY Award honors the super-human work nurses do for patients and families every day. The award was created in memory of J. Patrick Barnes, a patient who passed away in late 1993 after being diagnosed with the auto-immune disease ITP. Patrick’s family brainstormed about what they could do in his memory, and vividly recalled the skillful and compassionate care he received from his nurses during his eight-week hospitalization. To say thank you to nurses everywhere, they established a recognition program known today as The DAISY Award® For Extraordinary Nurses.

To learn more about The DAISY Award, visit the The DAISY Foundation™ website.

Best Travel Nurse Agencies: Next Lands On The Gypsy Nurse’s List

Extra, extra, read all about it! The Gypsy Nurse evaluations are in, and Next Travel Nursing has been been named among Best Travel Nurse Agencies of 2018. 👏🎉

The team at Next is incredibly excited to announce that, after reaching out to more than 100,000 travel RNs with requests to rate 100+ travel nurse agencies, The Gypsy Nurse has named Next a top-10 company in all five categories surveyed. Those categories are:

  • Best Overall Agency
  • Most Loyal Agency
  • Best Assignment Concierge (top-3 in this category!)
  • Most Traveler-Centric Benefits Agency
  • Best Career Accelerator Agency

Survey respondents were asked to rate travel agencies that they’ve had personal experience with in these key performance areas. While Next performed well in all categories, we earned a top-3 mention in the Best Assignment Concierge Agency Category. According to The Gypsy Nurse article, this award highlights agencies “with connections to high-quality hospitals in desirable geographic locations, and that do the best job of helping travel nurses find the ideal assignment.”

Best Travel Nurse Company Honors

The Next Travel Nursing team would like to thank travel nurses everywhere for this honor from The Gypsy Nurse. You spoke via the survey, and we are beyond thrilled by the feedback received. Our team is #relentless in our pursuit of perfect service for travel nurses, and will work even harder in 2019 to ensure we exceed your traveler expectations. 🚀

The nod from The Gypsy Nurse comes on the heels of another company award. Earlier this year, Travel Nursing Central named Next Travel Nursing as one of the Top Travel Nursing Companies in the U.S. The TNC award was a result of over 5,500 ratings received from travel nurses on 20 different criteria. 😮

About The Gypsy Nurse

The Gypsy Nurse is known to travelers as “the largest and most active online community for travel nurses.” The website offers hundreds of informative articles, free online tools, a travel RN job board, and great housing options. What’s more, The Gypsy Nurse has over 100,000 followers across its social media pages, expanding its reach as an educational and community resource to even more nurses!

Work With Next Travel Nursing

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What to Expect as a Home Health Travel Nurse

The home health industry’s explosive growth is not expected to slow any time soon. Experienced home health RNs know that their skill-set is in demand, and many are choosing to take the plunge into travel nursing for the first time. Maybe you’re burned out in your current locale and simply want to take care of patients? Or perhaps the prospect of higher pay has caught your interest?

No matter what your motivation, travel nursing offers something for everybody, and making the transition to a home health travel RN job is easier than ever.

First, the perks. Why are home health nurses ditching their traditional day (or night) jobs to take on travel assignments?

1. Flexible schedules.

Travel nurses enjoy much greater autonomy than employed RNs. Don’t want that assignment? Don’t take it. Travel nurses have the ability to work with their recruiters to find assignments that fit their personal needs and preferences. And they don’t have to worry about using up a limited bank of vacation time, because they can choose to accept assignments when they want to.

2. Higher pay.

Maybe you’re paying off debt, saving for a new house, or are less-than-thrilled with the small annual increases you’re getting in your current role. Travel nurses are able to take advantage of economic opportunities outside their local market to increase their pay. Plus, in addition to higher hourly wages, travel RNs usually get benefits, special tax breaks, and stipends for housing and living expenses.

3. Visit new places.

Maybe you’ve dreamed of going to a specific city or state, but heard that housing is so expensive there and jobs are hard to find. Home health travel nursing is an inexpensive way to visit new places.

4. Building resumes.

Travel nurses gain access to prestigious medical centers, which end up on their resumes. They can also gain exposure to new specialties, skill-sets, and EMRs—all of which can increase their value in the market both at home and across the U.S. They can also expand their professional network.

5. Patients, not politics.

Home health travel nurses rarely spend a lot of time sitting in meetings. And they don’t have to deal with the same difficult colleague or supervisor every day. Instead, travel nurses get to focus on providing direct care to patients.

6. Building confidence.

Because home health travel RNs are constantly exposed to new situations, they tend to acquire new skills and confidence at a faster rate than if they worked for one employer.

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The DAISY Award: Rhonda Edds

At Next Travel Nursing, our team of experienced recruiters is thrilled to work with nurses who greatly impact the lives of their patients in a positive manner. We have a special place in our hearts for RNs who go the extra mile, and believe such incredible work and dedication shouldn’t go unrecognized.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that one of our nurses has received The DAISY Award® For Extraordinary Nurses. Congratulations to Rhonda Edds, who has made her mark as a traveler in the lives of so many patients and co-workers around the country!

Praise for Rhonda

Here’s what Next Nurse Recruiter Team Leader Debbi Latz had to say about Rhonda:

Rhonda has worked with us for a few assignments and is always so incredibly pleasant—nothing fazes her. After completing a home health assignment in Tennessee, a son of one of her patients called and asked her to come for a traditional family dinner at their home—again, this was after she was off assignment!  She never complains and always has a great sense of humor.

She also worked for us in Shiprock, New Mexico, at Northern Navajo Medical Center (Indian Health Service), which definitely is a challenge. Normally, to be a traveler, you need to prove yourself and be super positive in order to be accepted by the staff.  With Shiprock, this initiation period is even more intensified. Rhonda made such an impact there not only with the staff nurses and administration (they asked her to extend), but more importantly, with the patients who are very tight knit community and reluctant to accept anyone outside of their culture. Rhonda’s happy demeanor brought such joy to the patients there that they nick-named her “Rhonda Who is Always Smiling.”

Please Join Us in Celebrating Rhonda

Please join the entire Next Travel Nursing staff in thanking Rhonda for her outstanding work as a travel nurse, her unshakable positive attitude, and her willingness to learn on the job. She truly exhibits the kind of compassion that The DAISY Award was intended to reflect.

Members of the Next team, including Debbi and Quality Improvement Nurse Christy Craft, visited Rhonda during her shift to congratulate her and present her with The DAISY Award.

Want to learn more about available travel jobs with Next? Our recruiters are thrilled to work with nurses like Rhonda who go above and beyond what is required. Check out our job board today and begin building a relationship with one our specialty-focused nurse recruiters.

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January 2018 Compact License Changes: What Travel Nurses Need to Know

This post was originally published on Nov. 8, 2017. It has been updated (Jan. 29, 2018) to reflect the signing of Colorado SB 18-027 and New Mexico Senate Bill 1 into law, enacting Colorado and New Mexico as the newest eNLC member states.

In 2015, the Boards of Nursing revised the Nurse Licensure Compact. These updates created the Enhanced NLC, and was officially implemented on Jan. 19, 2018. Licensed in an NLC state that adopted the eNLC framework on July 20, 2017? Your multi-state license should roll over to an the eNLC on Jan. 19, 2018. Here’s what travel nurses should know about compact state license changes.

States Affected by Compact State License Changes?

Not every state in the original NLC is on board with the eNLC, looking at you Rhode Island. If you are a travel nurse and hold a license in RI, there will no longer be travel to compact states without additional licensure (and vice versa). Five states that weren’t part of the original NLC have joined the eNLC. Florida, Georgia, Oklahoma, West Virginia, and Wyoming are new eNLC members. Welcome! Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Vermont have pending legislation to allow their states to the list.

Updated eNLC map compact states

Graphic map of states with enacted enhanced nlc and states with pending enhanced enlc.

Multi-State License and Your Home State has Joined the eNLC

If you had a compact state license under the original NLC compact and your home state has joined the eNLC, you are grandfathered into the eNLC. You can travel to and work in any other eNLC state without additional licensure requirements. What does this mean? Home state is currently North Carolina AND you held a multi-state license, you can now work in Maryland, West Virginia, or Florida! Bring on the sunshine. Keep in mind, if you move your permanent residency from North Carolina to Maryland (or any other eNLC state), you’ll need to obtain a license to practice in that state plus meet the Uniform Licensure Requirements (ULR) for a compact state license.

Now, if you live in Florida (which just entered the eNLC and was not an NLC member) you will be starting from scratch. A journey but worth it if you are ready to travel.  You must apply through your state Board of Nursing, pay a fee (varies by state), and meet the ULR.

What is the ULR?

The ULR, or Uniform License Requirement, is a set of 11 requirements that fall into three categories. These buckets can broadly be described as: qualifications, track record, and work eligibility. Also included qualifications are suitable education, passing an NCLEX or predecessor exam, English proficiency, and meeting the licensure requirements in your home state. The background qualifications include not having active disciplinary actions on your license, no felony or nursing-related misdemeanor convictions, no current participation in alternative programs, and undergoing fingerprint screening. Work eligibility will require having a valid Social Security number.

If you live in a state that’s new to the eNLC, you’ll receive a notification from your state Board of Nursing outlining the steps to take in order to begin practicing in other states. Applications should be available online now.

Diving into the Details

Get to know what is new in compact state license changes, especially as a travel nurse. More states continue to push legislation to become part of the eNLC. This means more opportunities for travel nurses to see the country and embark on adventures. More questions regarding how your compact state license was affected? Contact our travel nurse recruiters at Next Travel Nursing today 👍.




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Next Travel Nursing among Top Travel Nurse Companies of 2018

TNC Names Next Travel One of Top Travel Nursing Agencies

The specialty-focused recruiters at Next Travel Nursing are #pumped to share some big news! Travel Nursing Central recently named Next Travel one of the Top Travel Nurse Companies of 2018! Travel Nursing Central received over 5,500 ratings on 215 companies from traveler nurses just like you. Each rating submitted by a nurse was voluntary and to qualify for the final list, a company must have received more than 20 ratings, 10 coming in 2017.

Next Travel Nursing earned a Bronze Medal this year! This means we finished among the top 12 companies rated. We’re incredibly grateful to be recognized with such a ranking and now our sights are on the gold for 2019! 🏅Our team strives to not only deliver high-quality service. We are working hard to keep improving our processes and overall experience for travel nurses each and every year. Heading into 2018, it’s this never-ending pursuit to be better that makes this honor so exciting! 😊

Best is Yet to Come for Next Travel Nursing

Thanks to all the travel nurses who took time to rate Next on the TNC website. Your feedback—kind words and the constructive criticisms 🚧—are taken seriously by our team. Continuing to provide top-quality service and work to improve in areas you’ve identified is our mission. Our specialty-focused travel nurse recruiters believe you deserve more than just someone who can find you a job—you need someone with whom you can build a relationship. That relationship comes through when you have questions and when your recruiter makes things easier outside of the facility. All this so you can focus on what’s most important: the patient.

Whether you’re an experienced RN considering a travel position for the first time, or you’ve been on eight travel assignments already, reach out to Next Travel Nursing for your next job. With first-day benefits, and a Chief Nursing Officer that is always available ☎, we’re ready to help you succeed in 2018!

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Telemetry Travel Nursing Jobs Available Now

Telemetry Travel Assignments Await

A Telemetry travel nurse’s attention to detail is paramount to the success of their unit and the health of the patients in their care. Working with patients who are often at high risk for complications, telemetry nurses like yourself require advanced medical knowledge, technical expertise, and strong interpersonal skills. 🗨 The Next Travel Nursing team of Telemetry-focused recruiters is #pumped to work incredible Telemetry travel nurses like you. We understand what you want in a travel job, and will land an assignment that checks as many of your boxes as possible. ✅

Tele Travel Nurse Job Board

Get started today by searching available telemetry travel nursing jobs below. See a particular assignment and want to go for it? Click 🖱 the “I’m interested” button next to the job. Find more information on why Next Travel Nursing is your bff in Telemetry travel nursing jobs and then catch up with one of our specialty-focused recruiters to have all your questions answered. If you find you have more questions and you’re on the job board, just click that ‘I’m interested’ button and hit the ‘Contact Me’ button. Our recruiters will answer the call ☎!

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Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Travel Nursing Jobs Available

NICU Travel Nurses for the Win

Life as a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit nurse is challenging and rewarding. You help vulnerable newborns tackle incredible obstacles at such vital stages of their lives. Then you work with families who are stressed and worried about their new family additions. Throughout your career, you have proven to be observant and communicative, while also promoting optimism and resiliency.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Travel Assignments

NICU specialty-focused recruiters have the utmost appreciation for the incredible work you do. Our team wants to ensure you get the most out of your travel experience, both inside and outside the facility. Next Travel Nursing will connect you with facilities that are in need of your special skill set. You take care of the newborns who need you while being compensated fully. Also, having a recruiter on your side who is specialty-focused can help navigate hospital politics that can come with new assignments. 🙌

Search Neonatal Intensive Care Unit travel nursing jobs currently available with Next Travel Nursing below. When you locate your next assignment, click on the ‘I’m Interested’ button. You can also contact one of our recruiters directly by applying today.

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Cath Lab Travel Nursing Jobs Available Now

As a cath lab travel nurse, you are often one of the first people a patient will interact with before the procedure of cardiac catheterization is performed. In this role, it’s your job to educated the patient about the procedure and help them to feel as comfortable as possible, often answering questions or addressing concerns. You likely are also checking vital signs and administering IVs.

At Next Travel Nursing, our team of cath-lab-specific recruiters appreciates the incredible work and dedication you put forth on a regular basis. We recognize your innate ability to work well with your team in what can often become a stressful environment. If you are interested in pursuing cath lab travel nursing jobs, check out the job board below to view our current open opportunities.

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Med-Surg Travel Nursing Jobs Available Now

As a med-surg nurse, multi-tasking is likely second nature. On any given day, you’re juggling several tasks—administering medications, educating families, discharging patients, admitting new ones, and keeping members of your team on the same page—all while ensuring that the physical and emotional needs of your patients are being met.

At Next Travel Nursing, our team of recruiters has great respect for the impressive levels of coordination med-surg nurses exhibit on a daily basis. What’s more, we realize that, when it comes to your career, your biggest concerns should fall within your assigned healthcare facility—not outside it. Whether you’re an experienced med-surg travel nurse, or are interested in becoming a traveler for the first time, caring for your patients and helping your unit should be your first priority. That’s why recruiters at Next take care of the details that can often cause stress for travel nurses—identifying new jobs, coordinating travel and housing, and providing quality medical, dental, and vision benefits.

If you’re ready for a new challenge as a med-surg nurse, browse the travel nursing assignments from Next below; our recruiters can help you find the job that’s right for you.

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