‘Twas a Holiday RN Poem from Next Travel Nursing

As 2018 comes to a close, Next Travel Nursing would like to wish nurses everywhere the happiest of holidays. To bring you good tidings, we present this merry RN poem.

‘Twas the night shift again, and all through the hospital

Every patient was stirring, though some just a little

The nurses were working hard as always

Both travelers and staff carrying charts ‘n X-Rays

From bedside to bedside, they ran to-and-fro

One patient was hungry, one wanted to go!

Little praise they receive, though their sacrifice great

To be working the holidays, not to mention, so late

So this holiday we ask, that you take just a moment

And thank a nurse—please, no postponement!

For they give and they give to their patients all year

Its about time we send them some holiday cheer!

From recruiters and more at Next Travel Nursing,

Happiest of holidays to nurses, both at home and working!

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Celebrate Medical-Surgical Nurses Week 2018 with Next

Medical-surgical nurses are the foundation of the hospital and an awesome example of the jack-of-all trades. Med-surg nursing is an incredibly broad specialty, and its RNs work hard to stay in-the-know with lots of education. From Next Travel Nursing and AMSN, please join us in celebrating med-surg nurses everyone during Medical Surgical Nurses Week, Nov. 1-7, 2018.

MS Nurses Know Their Stuff

Med-surg nurses know how to give nearly any type of care ranging from wound care to oncology, cardiovascular, and endocrine care, and so much more. These nurses need to know how to treat just about any condition that comes through the door. Feel dizzy thinking about all of that? A med-surg nurse can fix you up. It takes more than the average person to do this kind of work!

Hand to Hold in Tough Times

Not only do med-surg nurses have the smarts and knowledge to come to the rescue for all kinds of conditions and illnesses, they’re also compassionate. It takes a highly empathetic person to be able to care for patients that are on the nursing unit for several days. Many patients tell stories of spending weeks in the hospital, and speak of a nurse or two that really encouraged them and brightened their day on the regular. Both patients and their families need support and encouragement during tough times like these. Who’s at the bedside listening to and teaching patients? You got it—the med-surg nurse!

Smart, Compassionate, and Intuitive

Med-surg nurses’ razor sharp assessment skills help them identify and respond to emergencies and when patients’ conditions take a turn for the worse. You could call it a “sixth sense.” Any med-surg nurse will tell you that after some experience, their intuition is rarely wrong! You can trust a med-surg nurse to know when something’s up.

Time to Celebrate!

Med-surg nurses, it’s your week! And while it’s only a week, we want to thank you and celebrate all that you do for your patients and families the whole year round. Take a few minutes to pat yourself on the back and recognize what a difference you’ve made in so many lives.

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6 Wonderfully Witty Halloween Costumes for Nurses

If you’re looking for a cool Halloween costume as a nurse, there’s nothing like a punny idea to do the trick. The team at Next Travel Nursing has compiled some unique ideas to give your co-workers and patients a good laugh come Oct. 31. 🎃

1. Tire(d)

Not only is this a symptom of many patients, it’s also a symptom for you—thanks to all the hard (but rewarding) work you do every day. Draw tire tread marks on your face (via makeup) or on your shirt and viola, you’ve got a quick-and-easy Halloween costume. 🚗😫

2. Scrubs

When we think of scrubs, we often picture our daily work attire. However, a punny play on words could be to dress as other types of “scrubs” we know about. Dress as a loofah by making a costume with tulle, netting, or whatever fabric you fancy, and you’ll be scrub-a-dub-dubbing through the hallways at work.

3. #Basic

pH comes into play quite often in the medical field, so why not throw together a punny costume playing off of that? We all know that a pH greater than 7 means that something is basic, so an easy costume is to take a t-shirt and write pH > 7 on it, and walk around with a Starbucks coffee in your hand. After all, the only thing that could make this costume more #basic would be rocking a pair of Uggs, as well. 💁

4. Doctor Hoo

Sure, you may not be a doctor, but this costume is still a hoot! Playing off the famous time-traveling character Doctor Who, you can dress up as an owl—and throw a stethoscope around your neck—to become Doctor Hoo.

5. Heartburn

Acid reflux. GERD. You’ve heard and seen it all when it comes to world of heartburn, so it’s time to have some pun with it. In yet another simple Halloween costume, you can use puffy paint or marker to draw flames on your t-shirt, then draw a big ‘ole heart in the middle. There you have it! Heart. ❤ Burn. 🔥

6. Arch-rivals

This is a fun partner costume to do with a co-worker. You can screen print matching shirts with foot bones on the front—or find inexpensive options online—and be arch-rivals with the person sharing your costume. (Get it? Foot arches? Of course you do.) Bonus points if you work in an orthopedic or podiatry office; it doesn’t get much punnier than that!

We know you’re busy and that you may not have time to figure out a cool costume. Hopefully some of these ideas will resonate with you—that way you’ll be sure to have a pun time at work (and personal) Halloween parties this year!

Have a Punny Costume Idea for Nurses?

If our ideas above made you cringe (we know, we know—but that’s what puns are all about, right?), or if you simply want to chime in with your own creative inspirations, we want to hear from you! Send us a message on Facebook with your witty costume idea for nurses.

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Pediatric Nurses Week 2018: Celebrating a Career in Compassion

Pediatric Nurses Week is here, and to celebrate, we’re pausing to thank all peds RNs for the incredible work they do for young patients!

Celebrated Oct. 1-5, the mission of the week is to promote peds nursing. According to the Society of Pediatric Nurses, “It is a time to reflect on the contributions pediatric nurses make to patients, families, and communities.”

Being hospitalized is hard for anyone, including kids. Children don’t always understand what’s happening and may feel scared in an unfamiliar environment. Even in an outpatient area or primary care clinic, children need an extra-compassionate caregiver to help them feel comfortable. Parents also worry when their child is sick or injured. That’s right—parents need a hand to hold sometimes, too! Pediatric nurses are the heroes with the skills to comfort and help children and their families.

Always on Double-Duty!

Pediatric nursing can be a challenging field. Peds nurses need to know how to talk to children at a level that they can understand so they can process what’s happening and know what to expect. Patients’ parents and families also find themselves feeling scared and vulnerable while their child is in the hospital. They need plenty of emotional support and education to help them understand their child’s condition and treatments. Peds nurses often feel like they have double-duties as they care for both their patients AND their families. Compassion and patience are key!

Importance of Empathy

It’s a well-known fact that peds nurses need to be really empathetic, but they also need a special set of assessment skills. Kids aren’t always able to tell someone when they’re not feeling well or if something is wrong like more mature patients can. Nurses need to be able to spot changes in a child’s behavior and have excellent nonverbal communication skills to help them figure out what their patients need.

Next Travel Nursing values our pediatric nurses’ talent and the excellent care they provide this group of patients. We work with some incredible pediatric travel nurses and know that their job isn’t always easy. A huge thank you to all of our peds travel nurses—we appreciate what you do!

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6 Reasons California is a Bucket List Travel Nurse Destination

Let’s face it, you’ve got the skills to work anywhere you want. You’re at the top of your game and you’re in demand! There are jobs everywhere you look, and people are vying for your nursing talent. With everyone needing your skillset, why wouldn’t you want to go to one of the most attractive places on earth?

Here are six reasons you should have California on your travel nursing bucket list:

1. Money, Money, Money

We know you’re already singing along…but seriously, the pay in California is #legit. Yes, we know you enjoy helping people, we do get it. But… there’s nothing wrong with doing what you love and getting paid well for it!

2. The Perfect Climate for Everyone

Whether you’re into the oldies or your grandpa made you listen to it, just about everyone has heard the song “California Dreamin’”—and for good reason. Sure, the song is talking about the amazing weather, if you like sunshine and beaches. But we know some people prefer the colder, mountainous climates, or even the desert (to each their own!). So regardless of what makes you tick, California has the right climate for you.

3. A Little Vino

You work hard, you’re on your feet all day, and what do you want to relax with when you get home? Might we suggest a bottle of some of the best wine on the planet? People come from all over the world just to enjoy all the Napa Valley has to offer, and when you’re here, it’s right in your backyard. Friends and family will want to visit just to taste and experience some of the great wine California has to offer, so no need to feel homesick. They’ll come to you!

4. Iconic National Parks

California is home to some of the most spectacular views on the planet and has numerous national parks to protect these sites. Death Valley National Park is awe-inspiring (need we say visits in winter are usually the best idea?), Yosemite National Park offers glacier-sculpted geology, and Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park has trees with more mass than any others in the world. You will go home feeling short, guaranteed.

5. Walk or Bike the Golden Gate Bridge

Tourists come from all over the world to see this picturesque bridge, but you can easily take a walk or bike across without having to plan a huge vacation (if you’re already here that is…).

6. Live the Hollywood Life

And finally, we come to one of the best reasons to do your thing in California: the Hollywood lifestyle. C’mon, we’ve seen you taking a glimpse at those celebrity magazines in the lounge on break time. We also know you follow the famous on your Instagram account. So just come to terms with the fact that you love the glamorous lifestyle, and head out west. After all, #YOLO!

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5 Best Shoes for Nurses

As a nurse, you’re on your feet for up to 12 hours at a time, walking, standing, and even running. Being a lifesaver is tough work! 😅 Bad shoes can mean poor posture and pain, especially after several days of work in a row, and that’s just not cool. Because of this, making sure your nursing shoes work for you should be a top priority. A good pair of nursing shoes can make a long shift a lot more comfortable, and your feet will thank you. Here are five top-rated nursing shoes to give you a little extra bounce in your step. 👟👣

1. Dansko

Danskos have been popular nursing shoes for years, and many nurses swear by them. While they have many shoe styles, they’re most known for their nursing clogs. They have a two-inch rocker bottom to help your foot roll through each step, are great at helping absorb shock, and have plenty of toe room. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, and last-but-not-least, they last for ages.

Get Danskos on Amazon.

2. Alegria

Alegria is another popular shoe brand that uses memory foam, cork, and latex in their footbed. This combination both molds to your foot and helps absorb shock from your steps. If your footbed wears out, it’s also replaceable, which means you don’t need to give up on your favorite shoes. Alegria has many styles to choose from and some adorable patterns. It’s a win for both style and comfort—meet your new wardrobe BFF!

Get Alegrias on Amazon.

3. Nurse Mates

If you’re not a fan of clog-style shoes, check out Nurse Mates. Their shoes have plenty of cushioning while at the same time being incredibly lightweight. Most styles come in black, white, gray, or navy. They’re both stain and slip-resistant, making them a practical choice for nurses who value their comfort.

Get Nurse Mates on Amazon.

4. Timberland Renova

Timberland also makes some great styles of professional shoes. The Renova style is a fave of many nurses, especially those who have high arches. If you have high arches, you know how tricky it can be to find a shoe that supports your foot. Renovas have a specially-designed toe box and are treated with 3M Scotchgard to keep your sweet new kicks stain-free.

Get Timerbland Renovas on Amazon.

5. Nike Flex Running Shoes

Nike Flex running shoes are another option loved by many nurses. If you prefer a sneaker-style nursing shoe and a lower heel, this might be the pair for you. They’re lightweight and the upper part is designed to fit your foot like a sock.

Get Nike Flex Running Shoes on Amazon.

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Happy National Nurses Week from Next Travel Nursing!

At Next Travel Nursing, our team of specialty-focused recruiters is #pumped for National Nurses Week!

Why? All this week, we have the opportunity to recognize the incredible work exhibited by our travel nurses each and every day 👏. Being a nurse is both challenging and rewarding. With highs and lows coming nearly every hour during a shift, a nurse’s dedication to his or her patients makes a major difference in the lives of so many.

Know a nurse? Be sure to reach out this week to thank them for all they do! 😊

To learn more about National Nurses Week, visit the American Nursing Association website.

If you’re a nurse interested in learning more about travel opportunities this Nurses Week, reach out to a recruiter at Next! We’re happy to answer any of your questions and get you started down the path towards the perfect travel assignment 🏝🏜🏞.

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Celebrate IV Nurses Day with Next Travel Nursing!

The Next Travel Nursing recruitment team is thrilled to celebrate IV Nurse Day on Jan. 25! Infusion nurses—including infusion travelers—are versatile and juggle many aspects of patient care. They monitor patients, manage infusion catheters, change dressings, and remain current on the evidence for infusion complications and medication reactions.

Our recruiters salute you, the experts at IV injection and fluid administration! We find it reassuring how you uplift the chronically ill with your unwavering support and regular encouragement. We see you specializing further in nutritional therapy or chemotherapeutic agents to provide expert care for your clients, and know that your commitment to improving your insertion skills is the real deal!

IV nurses are in demand everywhere—at hospitals, long-term care centers, clinics, hospice care, and home health agencies. This desirable profession is moving into the outpatient setting, specifically into the home. This only makes infusion nursing even more coveted because it is safe, effective, and less costly than receiving inpatient treatment. Even better? The home infusion therapy nursing services market is expected to experience exponential growth in the next seven years.

Infusion nurses like you are versatile, competent, and in demand. Next Travel Nursing celebrates infusion nurses today and your amazing contributions to your profession and to your patients.

If you have interest in traveling as an infusion nurse—or maybe you’re already a seasoned traveler looking for you next assignment—reach out to our team today to speak with a specialty-focused recruiter. You may also browse our job board to see infusion jobs available now!

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Four New Year’s Resolutions for Travel Nurses 🎉

Brittany Hamstra, BSN, RN, is a guest writer with Next Travel Nursing and a current travel nurse.

2018 is (nearly) here, and for travel nurses, a new year means 365 days of endless opportunity! Whether you’re currently on a travel assignment or are seeking your next job, here are four resolutions to adopt as a traveler.

1. Keep growing. 🌱

Regardless of your years of experience as a nurse, there are always opportunities for growth. In 2018, decide to push yourself to learn something new! Think about what new skill you want to master, which area of knowledge you want to expand, or even which specialty you want to cross-train in. The most important aspect of goal-setting is to make a simple outline that includes a specific, measurable, and time-bound plan. Write down your goal(s) and set a due date. You might start by researching guest lecturers in the healthcare field who are speaking at a campus near you. Perhaps you subscribe to a research publication of interest. You might choose to enroll for that certification you’ve been meaning to get. You can join a professional nursing organization of interest. Whatever it is, commit to a plan and do it! When 2019 arrives, you’ll be happy you did.

2. Care for YOUR body. 💪

We’ve heard it time and time again, but it really is that important: care for yourself. The irony of taking care of others for a living is that we often do not care for ourselves in the process. Think about specific, attainable changes you can make in your everyday routine. We often neglect our bodies in a variety of ways—straining our backs while bending/lifting, assuming poor posture while charting, relying on caffeine for an energy boost, forgoing enough hours of sleep, eating whatever is gifted from patient families… the list goes on. Ask for more help moving patients, stash some pre-cut fruit in the back of the staff fridge, cut down on screen time before bed. Whatever small goal you decide on, promise yourself a simple plan to help your own well-being.

3. Start a gratitude journal. 📖

Keeping a daily gratitude journal has been proven to boost happiness levels and decrease daily stress levels. It takes only a minute to jot down a thought or memory from your full day. Especially given the nature of our career, mental well-being is extremely important. Physically writing your thoughts down on paper gives them a place to rest. You can redirect the emotions you carry at work by documenting special moments of personal growth or patient experiences each day. Weekly, monthly, or at the end of 2018, you can read back through your positive thoughts and memories. Not to mention that you’ll have a cool keepsake to cherish or share with others.

4. Immerse yourself. 🏙

Try a new experience wherever you are on assignment this new year. Even if it is a familiar location, try to explore your city in a new light. Nowadays, there are so many ways to feel connected and try new experiences through the online communities available at our fingertips. Find a meetup group, whether it’s for outdoor hiking, book clubs, paint nights, or wine tasting events. Simply try one new experience wherever you work in 2018 and have fun with it!

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December Travel Nurse of the Month ⭐: Sylvain!

At Next Travel Nursing, our team of recruiters is thankful to work with RNs across the country who represent our agency in such a fantastic fashion. It’s through your efforts that we can all make healthcare work better by delivering quality patient care. In our eyes, you’re the true stars 🌠🌟💫!

As we do each month, we want to recognize one travel nurse in particular who has shone bright at his assigned healthcare facility. Please join Next in congratulating our December 2017 Travel Nurse of the Month, Sylvain in North Carolina!

Sylvain started working with Next in April. He has since extended with us three times and is well-loved at his facility.

His favorite thing about RN life is being part of a collaborative team where doctors and nurses work together to achieve a common goal. He loves conferring with physicians at the end of a shift when they ask how the night went and review the patient’s status.

Sylvain decided to become a nurse when he was a medic with the Special Forces in the Army 💪. He loved working with the Army PA (physician assistant) and observing his interactions with patients. The PA suggested that Sylvian go to nursing school, and through a series of twist and turns, he found his occupational calling.

Sylvain loves critical care because he can care for two very sick patients at a time and figure out their stories by putting the pieces together. He loves the collaborative aspect of having to work with different teams to create positive outcomes for his patients.

Here’s what Sylvain’s Next Travel Nursing recruiter, Debbi Laatz, had to say 💬:

“Sylvain has always been such a pleasure to work with. He always takes the time to include a sweet message and funny emoji when he sends me his time sheet. He is educated, has a quick wit, and is genuinely a nice person. I am honored to represent him and I wholeheartedly endorse him as our unequivocal Travel Nurse of the Month. Go Syl!”

Sylvain is a dad to two sons and two daughters, who are his pride and joy. He also gives back to the youth in his community, coaching middle school basketball 🏀 and football 🏈.

Let’s all give Sylvain a hand for his incredible work 👏!

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