Happy National Nurses Week from Next Travel Nursing!

At Next Travel Nursing, our team of specialty-focused recruiters is #pumped for National Nurses Week!

Why? All this week, we have the opportunity to recognize the incredible work exhibited by our travel nurses each and every day 👏. Being a nurse is both challenging and rewarding. With highs and lows coming nearly every hour during a shift, a nurse’s dedication to his or her patients makes a major difference in the lives of so many.

Know a nurse? Be sure to reach out this week to thank them for all they do! 😊

To learn more about National Nurses Week, visit the American Nursing Association website.

If you’re a nurse interested in learning more about travel opportunities this Nurses Week, reach out to a recruiter at Next! We’re happy to answer any of your questions and get you started down the path towards the perfect travel assignment 🏝🏜🏞.

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Celebrate IV Nurses Day with Next Travel Nursing!

The Next Travel Nursing recruitment team is thrilled to celebrate IV Nurse Day on Jan. 25! Infusion nurses—including infusion travelers—are versatile and juggle many aspects of patient care. They monitor patients, manage infusion catheters, change dressings, and remain current on the evidence for infusion complications and medication reactions.

Our recruiters salute you, the experts at IV injection and fluid administration! We find it reassuring how you uplift the chronically ill with your unwavering support and regular encouragement. We see you specializing further in nutritional therapy or chemotherapeutic agents to provide expert care for your clients, and know that your commitment to improving your insertion skills is the real deal!

IV nurses are in demand everywhere—at hospitals, long-term care centers, clinics, hospice care, and home health agencies. This desirable profession is moving into the outpatient setting, specifically into the home. This only makes infusion nursing even more coveted because it is safe, effective, and less costly than receiving inpatient treatment. Even better? The home infusion therapy nursing services market is expected to experience exponential growth in the next seven years.

Infusion nurses like you are versatile, competent, and in demand. Next Travel Nursing celebrates infusion nurses today and your amazing contributions to your profession and to your patients.

If you have interest in traveling as an infusion nurse—or maybe you’re already a seasoned traveler looking for you next assignment—reach out to our team today to speak with a specialty-focused recruiter. You may also browse our job board to see infusion jobs available now!

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Four New Year’s Resolutions for Travel Nurses 🎉

Brittany Hamstra, BSN, RN, is a guest writer with Next Travel Nursing and a current travel nurse.

2018 is (nearly) here, and for travel nurses, a new year means 365 days of endless opportunity! Whether you’re currently on a travel assignment or are seeking your next job, here are four resolutions to adopt as a traveler.

1. Keep growing. 🌱

Regardless of your years of experience as a nurse, there are always opportunities for growth. In 2018, decide to push yourself to learn something new! Think about what new skill you want to master, which area of knowledge you want to expand, or even which specialty you want to cross-train in. The most important aspect of goal-setting is to make a simple outline that includes a specific, measurable, and time-bound plan. Write down your goal(s) and set a due date. You might start by researching guest lecturers in the healthcare field who are speaking at a campus near you. Perhaps you subscribe to a research publication of interest. You might choose to enroll for that certification you’ve been meaning to get. You can join a professional nursing organization of interest. Whatever it is, commit to a plan and do it! When 2019 arrives, you’ll be happy you did.

2. Care for YOUR body. 💪

We’ve heard it time and time again, but it really is that important: care for yourself. The irony of taking care of others for a living is that we often do not care for ourselves in the process. Think about specific, attainable changes you can make in your everyday routine. We often neglect our bodies in a variety of ways—straining our backs while bending/lifting, assuming poor posture while charting, relying on caffeine for an energy boost, forgoing enough hours of sleep, eating whatever is gifted from patient families… the list goes on. Ask for more help moving patients, stash some pre-cut fruit in the back of the staff fridge, cut down on screen time before bed. Whatever small goal you decide on, promise yourself a simple plan to help your own well-being.

3. Start a gratitude journal. 📖

Keeping a daily gratitude journal has been proven to boost happiness levels and decrease daily stress levels. It takes only a minute to jot down a thought or memory from your full day. Especially given the nature of our career, mental well-being is extremely important. Physically writing your thoughts down on paper gives them a place to rest. You can redirect the emotions you carry at work by documenting special moments of personal growth or patient experiences each day. Weekly, monthly, or at the end of 2018, you can read back through your positive thoughts and memories. Not to mention that you’ll have a cool keepsake to cherish or share with others.

4. Immerse yourself. 🏙

Try a new experience wherever you are on assignment this new year. Even if it is a familiar location, try to explore your city in a new light. Nowadays, there are so many ways to feel connected and try new experiences through the online communities available at our fingertips. Find a meetup group, whether it’s for outdoor hiking, book clubs, paint nights, or wine tasting events. Simply try one new experience wherever you work in 2018 and have fun with it!

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December Travel Nurse of the Month ⭐: Sylvain!

At Next Travel Nursing, our team of recruiters is thankful to work with RNs across the country who represent our agency in such a fantastic fashion. It’s through your efforts that we can all make healthcare work better by delivering quality patient care. In our eyes, you’re the true stars 🌠🌟💫!

As we do each month, we want to recognize one travel nurse in particular who has shone bright at his assigned healthcare facility. Please join Next in congratulating our December 2017 Travel Nurse of the Month, Sylvain in North Carolina!

Sylvain started working with Next in April. He has since extended with us three times and is well-loved at his facility.

His favorite thing about RN life is being part of a collaborative team where doctors and nurses work together to achieve a common goal. He loves conferring with physicians at the end of a shift when they ask how the night went and review the patient’s status.

Sylvain decided to become a nurse when he was a medic with the Special Forces in the Army 💪. He loved working with the Army PA (physician assistant) and observing his interactions with patients. The PA suggested that Sylvian go to nursing school, and through a series of twist and turns, he found his occupational calling.

Sylvain loves critical care because he can care for two very sick patients at a time and figure out their stories by putting the pieces together. He loves the collaborative aspect of having to work with different teams to create positive outcomes for his patients.

Here’s what Sylvain’s Next Travel Nursing recruiter, Debbi Laatz, had to say 💬:

“Sylvain has always been such a pleasure to work with. He always takes the time to include a sweet message and funny emoji when he sends me his time sheet. He is educated, has a quick wit, and is genuinely a nice person. I am honored to represent him and I wholeheartedly endorse him as our unequivocal Travel Nurse of the Month. Go Syl!”

Sylvain is a dad to two sons and two daughters, who are his pride and joy. He also gives back to the youth in his community, coaching middle school basketball 🏀 and football 🏈.

Let’s all give Sylvain a hand for his incredible work 👏!

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November Travel Nurse of the Month: Jessica!

As we enter the time of year when friends, family, and loved ones gather together to give thanks , the team at Next Travel Nursing is reflecting on the incredible work our nurses put forth on a daily basis. As we do every month, we want to express our gratitude for one nurse in particular who has gone above and beyond time and time again.

[Drumroll, please.]

Our November 2017 Travel Nurse of the Month is: Jessica!

Jessica is a ICU/CVICU nurse currently on assignment in Connecticut. When asked why she decided to pursue her specialty, she replied, “I see the sickest of the sick and I’m able to help them recover and watch them leave the hospital with a new start—that is the best feeling ever.”

Here’s what her Next recruiter, Kim Gann, had to say:

Jessica has stepped up and helped train staff at the facility. She is a wonderful nurse; I call her my ICU/CVICU Wonder Woman. Jessica unfortunately had a patient pass while under her care recently, and was understandably heartbroken. What really stood out, though, is that she took it upon herself to stay at the hospital after her shift to spend time with the family and to let them know that she was there to answer any questions.

Jessica is so much more to me than a nurse, she’s a friend. She doesn’t look at nursing as a career, she looks at it as a passion.

From the entire team at Next Travel Nursing, thank you to Jessica for the passion you put forth as a nurse. Please join us in celebrating our November 2017 Travel Nurse of the Month!

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Celebrate Med-Surg Nurses Week with Next Travel Nursing

.As a medical-surgical nurse, there’s hardly ever a dull moment on the hospital floor. Managing multiple patients, educating family members while demonstrating compassion and a calm demeanor…med-surg nurses are masters of it all. Sometimes wearing that many hats can feel overwhelming, right? The Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses knows it, and is ready to celebrate med-surg nurses week with you Nov 1-7! 🎉

Work, Work, Work, Work, Work

We hope you channeled your inner Rihanna. Many people don’t realize it, but the duties of a med-surg nurse are tough stuff. You’re not just a nurse—you are trained to know a huge range of medical conditions. Add a dash often having to think on your feet if something unexpected occurs with a patient. You’re an integral part of the patient’s first line of care. That alone should get a special med-surg nurse song for dancing to!

Ready for Anything

The daily life of a medical-surgical nurses job is enough to make the average Joe’s head spin. You put your critical thinking skills to the test while staying fully engaged on a physical, clinical, and emotional level. But that’s the best part of what being a med-surg nurse is all about.  Compassion towards your patients is the fuel that drives and make the work you do day in and day out enjoyable. 📅

One Week Isn’t Enough

Medical-surgical nurses should be celebrated all year long, but at least we can place some extra emphasis on you during the first seven days of November. Med-surg nurses around the globe 🌎 will be recognized for they do, and their employers should make it known to the community at large that you are heroes! If nothing else, you’ll probably get some free food and extra hugs while you’re at work this week. Every little bit of recognition is well-earned. The entire Next Travel Nursing team says thank you!

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ICU RN Travel Jobs Available

Ready to take your ICU skills on the road?

ICU RN travel jobs require a special type of person. Patients depend on you during their recovery process. An ICU RN monitors and safeguards the quality of care delivered. They act as an advocate for the patient and their families. In intensive care environments, a patient’s condition can turn rapidly, making this area of managed care one of the more demanding specialties. The team at Next Travel Nursing knows what it takes to be an ICU nurse. We serve ICU travel nurses across the country, connecting them with facilities and patients in need of their extraordinary skills.

No matter if you are a thinking of becoming a travel nurse, or if you’re an experienced ICU travel RN, Next Travel Nursing has got your next assignment. Search available positions on our job board and hit the ‘I’m Interested’ button; our specialty-focused recruiters will answer the call.

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October Travel Nurse of the Month 🌼🏅: Angela!

You work hard as a travel nurse, and those daily efforts don’t go unnoticed by our team of recruiters. Each month, Next Travel Nursing pauses to celebrate a nurse who truly stands out—someone who goes above and beyond what is asked of him or her.

This month, we are absolutely thrilled to recognize a recent DAISY Award winner, Angela! The DAISY Award is presented to nurses who exhibit extraordinary compassion to patients and families every day, as well as someone who upholds the values and mission of his or her healthcare facility. 💪

Here’s what Angela’s former Next recruiter, Rose Ann, had to say:

Angela has always represented our company with nothing but professionalism. She has been such an incredible joy to work with. She felt more like family than a employee to me. Angela spent several hours off-duty going back to the hospital, sitting and feeding patients on her own time, and spent so much time with family members. The staff just loves her; they were the ones who nominated her for her DAISY Award.

From the entire team at Next Travel Nursing, we extend our thanks to Angela for her incredible display of kindness and dedication to her patients, her assigned facility, and her travel nursing agency. It’s great stories like these that help travel nurses to shine in hospitals and medical facilities across the country! 🌞

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September Travel Nurse of the Month 🏆: Laurel!

At Next Travel Nursing, our recruiters not only aim to help nurses achieve their professional goals, but also strive to get to know them in an effort to build a strong nurse-recruiter relationship. Through this process, we’ve had the opportunity to get to know some top-caliber nurses, both in and out of the facility. As we do at least once every month, today we want to take a moment to recognize a travel nurse who has consistently gone above and beyond what’s asked of her. Please join us in thanking our September Travel Nurse of the Month, Laurel, for all she does for her patients, peers, and recruiter!

Here’s what Next recruiter Naomi Knoblach had to say about our September honoree:

“Laurel has gone above and beyond by adjusting to everything the facility is asking of her without complaint. She would literally come in at 5 a.m. if they needed her to. She skips lunch every day as she’s doing home health and is going from patient to patient. The facility has no overtime, so in order to give the best patient care, she puts them before herself to get them all seen within her hours. She’s always happy and energetic, and just a joy to talk to!”

Laurel also recently received a note from one of her colleagues at her current facility. The note reads 💌:

“I wanted to send a special thank you on behalf of [peer’s name]. She mentioned she was so appreciative when you bathed an East team patient before she could get there. Thank you so much for all your thorough and compassionate care.”

From all of us at Next Travel Nursing, please join us in thanking Laurel for her incredible work as at travel nurse and her dedication to her patients and colleagues. 👏

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August Travel Nurse of the Month 🏆: Tara!

At Next Travel Nursing, we understand the importance of the nurse-recruiter relationship in terms of job success. Without someone behind you who truly has your back, travel nursing can quickly become overwhelming 😬. With the continued help and communication of a trusted recruiter, however, you can focus on what’s important for an assignment—helping your patients to the best of your ability and enjoying your time in a new environment, both in and out of the healthcare facility.

Our team also understands that nurturing such a relationship is a two-way street—we need your help, as well. That’s why each month we take a moment to recognize a Next travel nurse who has gone above and beyond his or her duties.

For August 2017, Next Travel Nursing is thrilled recognize Tara as the Travel Nurse of the Month! Here’s what her recruiter, Marlyn Miller, had to say about Tara 📣:

Tara has worked extra shifts and gets along great with the staff. The nursing manager asked her about extending today and she has only been there less than a month! She’s an amazing nurse and has the best personality 😀. She’s currently working in Eagle Butte, South Dakota.

Please join the entire Next team in thanking Tara for the great work she’s done on assignment and for helping to serve patients in need of her care!

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